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Legal Fees & Costs

From the day the Client employs us, we involve him or her in an ongoing Cost Benefit Analysis [CBA].  Cases divide into two categories:


i)  the recovery of --- or defense against --- a claim for the recovery of money; and


ii)  the vindication of principle. A principle is a value that is a guide for behavior or evaluation.


A Case Benefit Evaluation begins with the identification of the Amount of the Money involved. It’s harder to assign an amount of money to a principle but it can be done.  


Secondly, determine a reasonable Return on Investment [ROI] --- works even in “principle” cases.  Thirdly, make a tentative decision on the critical point beyond you will not make a further investment in the legal action; the number can change.


As the Case progresses, we give you all the information you need or request to constantly evaluate your ROI as the developments in the Case occur.  We provide you for your approval an Action Projection recommending tasks designed to accomplish your Goal; a Detailed Time Report [DTR] resting upon Progress Notes and Invoices as necessary for Retainers necessary to continue work on the Case.


The Attorney’s hourly rate is Two Hundred Fifty Dollars [$250] and we keep time; the State Bar appears to require it.  However, we weight our time meaning, we use ‘value to the Client’ in advancing the Client’s Case, to adjust the hourly figure.   We are also open to the Client who wants to discuss “value”.   In this way, the Client controls the cost of his investment and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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