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Rodney Carrington Mason, JD

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A world famous scientist once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” I agree. I learned my craft not from attending law school for three years and not from sitting for a three-day-long Bar examination but rather from my forty-plus years’ experience since 1975 in civil litigation and criminal defense matters.


We protect the rights of our Clients under the Law and from the Law.  Click on the Photograph below of Mrs. Jamie Powell, my Paralegal, and she will acquaint you with our approach.


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Areas of Practice

Consult Mrs. Powell for a more detailed explanation

Personal Injury

Disputes with Insurance Companies and Others at fault


Your Family

Fights over Wills and Estates, Equitable Distribution of Property

Your Job

Employers and Employees [Sexual Harassment, Termination]

Your Land

Title, Roads, Easements, Rights of Way, Boundary Lines, wrongful timber cuts

Your Business

All Contracts and Businesses Disputes

County & State Governments

Zoning, Planned Communities and All Citations

Areas of Practice

About The Firm

Hello, I am Rodney Mason and I welcome an opportunity to say a few words to you.  After forty-plus years of representing people in crisis, I am convinced that I cannot help my Client until I understand what he or she says and until he or she understands what I say.  Until the Client and I achieve this communication, I cannot advise him and the Client cannot understand my advice, and without that understanding he cannot participate in the conduct of his Case.

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Phone 336.629.3345

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